Impact Africa Network

On behalf of the Impact Africa Network and the Youth for Human Rights International African Office, I welcome each and every guest, participant and speaker who have found time to leave their various countries, cities, places and schedule to attend this Africa Day celebration and the Effect of Migration on African Women Conference.

May I use this opportunity to thank the Church of Scientology Johannesburg, who opened their doors for us in this transforming conference and to uphold our views and concept in our human rights endeavors.

According to Nelson Mandela, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”; that is why we are here today, in pursuit of the freedom of man and the freedom of the African woman, irrespective of where she finds herself. We do this, not because we are better than other Africans, but because we have chosen to do it.

We believe in the words of Martin Luther King Jr, that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”; hence we are seeking for justice to the African Migrant Woman, because it is their right and our duty to demand for it!

L. Ron Hubbard, a Philosopher, Humanitarian and Founder of Scientology once said, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream”; hence the 1948 declaration of human rights by the United Nations is not a photograph to be hung on the walls, rather an instrument to pursue the freedom and rights of man irrespective of our nationalities, race and tribes.

Africans were not included in the history of human rights, and in fact in most history of humanity; even with the great Kurukan Fuga Charter (Manden Charter) of 1645; hence it is not a surprise that African women migrants passes through a modernized form of slavery, trafficking, abuse, prostitution and xenophobia in Europe, Western worlds and some developed countries even in Africa, where their rights ought to be protected and upheld.

Hosea a Prophet of God in the scripture once said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. I have seen some African Parliamentarians who make laws and some African Executives who implement laws that are made, without an idea of what human rights are. As most Africans do not know their human rights, how then can they ascertain their rights when they have no knowledge of it?

We the various organizations, communities, country representatives, churches and religious organizations need to reaffirm and rededicate ourselves to the principles of liberty and justice enumerated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights through the pursuant of granting African women and all migrants their exclusive rights in accordance with the 1948 Human Rights Declaration. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”.

This conference was initiated to seek the truth, the true causes, effects and solution to effect of migration on African women; and to educate the women, married and unmarried, the youths and other able bodied men on these ongoing problems, and to encourage them to study hard while in their youth age; and to inform them that with education there is better life in feature; to inform the governments, world bodies and its stake holders and other role players to join hands together to deal with this global problem.

We encourage all peoples, organizations and individuals who promote human rights and peace in their countries and communities anywhere they found themselves; we appreciate them and associate and partner with them in any form that will help promote humanity, because that is what we do!

May I remind all that is present in this auditorium and those who will witness our conference discussions by means of electronic media and other publications the words of the great American Thomas Jefferson, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

I thank you all and wish you a wonderful Africa Day celebration!


To all men and women, youths and leaders of tomorrow, religionists and atheists who seek truth and solution to peace and freedom of mankind; I wish to draw my motivation from the Holy Book of Genesis 13 vs. 14-15: “Lift up your eyes now and look from the place where you are – northward, southward, eastward and westward; for all the land which you see, I give to you and your descendants forever”.

This was GOD’s promise to Abraham saying “As far as you can see; as far as you can dream; I will give unto you!” Hence your dream and ability to see into the future determines your advancement in life! You cannot get to a place you have not pictured.

In the Holy Book of Numbers 13, some men were sent to spy out the Land given to them for possession. When they returned after 40days, some gave report that the land was flowing with milk and honey; while some said, “...the land through which we have gone to search is a land that devours its own inhabitants, and the people we saw are men of great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak which came from the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight”.

Those who saw the giants only saw themselves based on what was working in them: and what was working in them was a grasshopper mentality; while those who saw milk and honey, saw their ability to overcome!

May I ask all that is present: What do you see? What do you see about the future of the youths? What do you see about the world peace? What you see affects your belief; and what you believe affects your actions! These goes beyond religious and environmental beliefs!

When Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream”; he saw the American future!

Be careful of people who make you see the giants, rather than making you see yourself as a chosen instrument to change situation!

I quote from the Holy Book of Daniel Chapter 10 vs 7: “And I Daniel, alone saw the vision, for the men who were with me did not see the vision; but a great quaking fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves”.

Many a times you can see what others cannot see, and you will be hated; denied; rejected and betrayed for having seen what they could not see; but remember what Nelson Mandela once said: “I was called a terrorist yesterday, but when I came out of jail, many people embraced me, including my enemies, and that is what I normally tell other people who say those who are struggling for liberation in their country are terrorists. I tell them that I was also a terrorist yesterday, but today, I am admired by the very people who said I was one.”

I see the Martin Luther King, the Nelson Mandela, and the Mahatma Ghandi in you!

Don’t stop, until you get there!


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honor and privilege to present a message of peace in this summit.

The annual Youths for Human Rights gathering is not only designed to bring together organizations and individuals united by a common goal but seeks to foster genuine peace, love, harmony and happiness amongst the conflicting religions and global regions; by publicly condemning all acts of violence and abuse against men, women, youths, children and the helpless and their loss of dignity, happiness and liberty.

Our annual gathering was born out of a passionate need to enhance the mental empowerment of the youth; to encourage and support self-discovery, networking, and learning something unique that is not contained in the university and college syllabuses.

When men, women, youths and children are abused, their rights taken away, become under- developed, uninformed, disadvantaged, oppressed, and lack opportunities, they become desperate thereby developing a negative energy that can lead to behavioral acts that is against the tenets of the global community, and become prone to stigmatization.

We know our problems; hence need not search again for its root cause, but to act on ameliorating the problem by bringing a workable solution. That solution is human rights education: in its absence, personal security, freedom and opportunities become elusive!

The youths are the future; hence our gathering will educate the youths to say No to Discrimination, No to Mental torture, No to Breach of privacy, No to women and child abuse!

Our gathering will bridge the gap between races, religions and cultures! Will stop wars, killings, genocide and extermination of peoples going on every day, caused by our parents and leaders and governments!

What will happen in the next fifteen years if youths are not educated in human rights and peace resolution? Don’t you think we will have a third and even fourth world war if the youths of today do not step in and declare “Peace”!

That is why we cannot stop gathering annually! That is why we cannot stop educating youths on human rights! That is why we cannot stop sharing our experiences with one another regarding our communities.

Now is the time for the youths to be relentless in their pursuit for peace; for human rights education; and for love of one another! Amongst you are tomorrow’s leaders of your country and the United Nations. If you do it rightly, you shall perfect it when the time comes!

Go home and tell your peer groups, to rise up to the occasion and be a human rights educator and advocate, for a better, peaceful, and lovely society! I am proud to be in the generation of people who will ask not what their nation will do for them but what they can do for their nation.

In the famous words of John F. Kennedy, ‘our goal is not the victory of might, but the vindication of right-not peace at the expense of freedom but peace and freedom.’


“PEACE, BE STILL!” (Mark 4: 39)

Quoting from the Holy Scriptures the gospel of Mark Chapter 4 verse 39, of the turbulent water and weather, and the situation was controlled by a will and authority of proclamation.

Global peace has been disrupted by political storms, tempests and hurricanes that originated from tribal wars, communal wars, ethnic cleansing, genocide and civil wars! Hundreds, thousands, and millions of souls have died, maimed for life, and have been rendered homeless, fatherless and motherless, leaving behind them the anguish of devastation, hunger, and a moral degenerated society!

The Local, International, and World Leaders are calling for global peace on earth. Various laws and international laws on human rights have been enacted, invariably with less application or implementation of the laws as a result of prohibitions and immunities.

One would wonder if those who are perpetrators of these wars are cannibals or inhuman, but alas; they are as human as we are, involved in one religion or the other!

Religion is a form of worship. In the world today, there are different religions like Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, and Harishkrishna, Gordian Religion, Traditional religion, and many others.

It is believed that religion is the opium of mindset, and religious denomination is made to control the society to live in unity and harmony.

It is a shocking discovery that colonialism and slavery in Africa was preceded with religion. Rather than uniting the people during and after the slavery and colonialism, it rather left a political schism, war, devastation, hunger and human degradation! 

Every world leader is involved in a religious worship, and in fact is a religious leader in his belief and faith!

Most religions claim the foundation of their faith is love; but it is astonishing that some leaders use religious undertone in the propaganda to fight their wars.

LOVE is a strong and motivating word as it connotes and denotes peace, unity, and harmony in all aspects. One then wonders why these individuals or group of individuals who profess love as their faith shows merciless cannibalism through the act of war!

Faith is the corresponding action of what you believe in; hence if our religions are centered on love, why the genocides, hatred, disunity, discrimination, racism, and xenophobic attitudes towards one another?

I have come to revelation knowledge and understanding that all religious sects in the world are in pursuit of purity and eternity through their various beliefs and practices; hence it depends on which side of the mountain you are standing on. There I can state without fear or favor that “the difference in religion is ignorance”.   Ignorance in the sense that we do not know and do not want to know why others believe in what they believe in, and the truth or non truths about the belief!

If the word LOVE exist or is part of the foundation of any religion, the believer of that religion will understand the respect and tolerance of the opinions, beliefs, and conscience of other religions, which will promote world peace!

The time has come when both Religious and World Leaders should stand up and declare, “Peace, be still!” No more wars! No more genocide! No more ethnic cleansings! No religious fighting and intolerance; but respect and love for one another, for a peaceful and better society in generations to come!
Peace, be still! God bless you all!


The Honourable Lord Mayor of Plymouth City Council, Councillor Ken Foster; the Honourable Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian House of Reps; Hon. Usman Bayero Nafada; His Excellency, Hon. Olusegun Mimiko, the Executive Governor of Ondo State-Nigeria; the Honourable Chairman, Committee on Marine Transport, Nigerian National Assembly; Hon. Adamu Gora Kalba; the Honourable Chairman, House Committee on Oil and Gas. Nigerian National Assembly; Hon. Igo Hguma; the Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs; Elder Godsday Orubebe; the Senior Special Adviser to the Nigerian President on Millennium Goals; Hajia Amina J. Ibrahim; the Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigeria; Prof Maurice Iwu; Rt. Hon. Edwards George Daika, Hon. Member, Federal House of Representatives Nigeria; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nigeria Insurance Social Trust Fund; Mrs Juliet Ngozi Olejeme; the President and Co- Founders of the World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media - WAALM; Prof Musi Dorbayani and Dr Marjan Abdi; the President of the Plymouth City Chamber of Commerce; Mr Joseph Louei; the Representatives of the Rotary Club of England; the Academic Council on the United Nations System- ACUNS; the United Nations Association, United Kingdom; the African Delegates and Participants to this Empower Africa Conference; the Management of the Astor Hotel Plymouth; the News Media; Ladies and Gentlemen;

We give our warm heart welcome to all the personalities and people present here at this inaugural opening of the “Empower Africa Conference” holding today in the Events Hall of the Astor Hotel, Plymouth City, England.

The Impact Africa Network, a non-profit, non-racial, and non-sexiest global organization, with branches and representatives in South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, USA, Burundi, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Malaysia is influenced to be here today by its mission to empower the African devastated society and the less privileged through its vision in informing the African Peoples, removing inferiority complex amongst the African Peoples, Promoting the human rights, its community services, and its extension of the hands of brotherhood to non-Africans.
The “Empower Africa Conference” was born out of our conviction as a solution to mental empowerment, self-discovery, networking, and learning something that is not contained in the university syllabuses. Hence, it will give opportunities to the less privileged society: those who could not get such opportunity, the poor, the less advanced, the ignorant that are uninformed, and those mislead by misinformation in a poor environment and an uninformed society.

The criterion for fulfilling the visa qualification before participation in such conference and miscreants taking advantage of such opportunity becomes a hindrance and a huge limitation.

When a people are under developed, uninformed, disadvantaged, hungry, and lack opportunities, they become desperate and involve in certain behavioural acts that is against the tenets of the global community, and hence prone to stigma.

The world need not search for the root cause of the problem, but to act on ameliorating the problem by bringing a solution.

If true and honest empowerment is brought to the doors of those who are diligently seeking for it; Africans need not travel thousands of miles through air, sea, and land to look for menial and manual jobs in overseas, and become liabilities and parasites to other global communities; but could create jobs for the peoples of their continent and be self-sufficient.

Hence it becomes necessary to appreciate those who have, and will contribute to the advancement of these desperate less opportune and less privileged Africans in their careers of discovering themselves and seeing the days light.

We therefore call upon all Africans, the British government, the United Nations Agencies, and the Global community to support and encourage the Impact Africa Network in her effort to empower and to attract empowerment to the African devastated communities though its alliance with the World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media - WAALM.

May we use this platform to thank our sponsors to this first “Empower Africa Conference” and ask God to empower you all in every area of your lives. We thank the management of the Astor Hotel Limited for the immense understanding and cooperation given to us through our planning stages.
We appreciate all individuals and organizations the press that have find their time to honor this invitation and will continue to support us in our quest for advancing this conference.

Thank you all for coming and God bless you.


If I reflect on what I was taught as a child on the reasons why I should go to church and the dividends in staying in the church always; liberty, peace and protection all wrapped in the word “salvation” are not far from it.

I believe that most religions have liberty, peace and protection as some of their gains and reasons for their worship, which of course are our basic human rights.

I might not be a Theologian, but a Kingdom Citizen who believes that God’s original plans was to establish a kingdom on earth where men and women shall be free and have liberty as kingdom citizens; but the founding of religions have changed that original plan from freedom to bondage, intimidation, victimization and religious ambiguities.

I may not be out of order if I mention that exportation and importation of religions to most countries of the world were basically for the purposes of domination and colonization of people’s economy and political enclave, and what was originally meant to bring salvation was converted to selfishness and religious thuggery.

Because every long age practice of a people becomes a convention and a tradition, though not recognized by law, but is believed by the people that it is legal; religious discrimination, mental torture, breach of privacy and marriage abuse and interference has become the order of the day in our religious places and in the society.

It was amusing and yet very disappointing, when a Parliamentarian and a Priest at the “Empower Africa Conference” held in the city of Plymouth in April 2010, confessed that he always hear of human rights and have no idea of what it is all about! If a Law Maker and a Custodian of peace, protection and liberty is ignorant of the people’s rights, then bondage, intimidation and victimization will be the order of the day in our churches, religious places and the society; hence obnoxious and ambiguities will be filled in the laws that are made!

In other to bring God’s original plan of establishing Peace, Protection and Liberty on earth into function, I therefore make the following recommendations:
1.A human rights education to Religious Leaders should be made a priority.

2. All Theological Institutions and Religious Institutions should adopt Human Rights Education as part of their Education Curriculum.

3. All Parliamentarians, especially in Africa should be educated on the 30 Basic Human Rights of the people as contained in the 1248 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

4. African traditional rulers who are the custodians of the people’s culture and tradition should be educated on human rights.

Discrimination, Mental torture, Breach of privacy, Marriage abuse and interference, ambiguities and obnoxious laws made in our religious places will disappear, and peace, protection and liberty will reign as God planned it, if these actions are taken!

Thank you all and be blessed.


Quoting from the Biblical Scripture of the book of Numbers Chapter 13
verses 32-33: “...the land through which we have gone to search, is a land that devours its own inhabitants, and the people we saw are men of great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak which came from the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight”.

Having escaped bomb blast by less than two minutes in a serene and democratic atmosphere; having witnessed people been abused by the same people who are supposed to protect them; having seen people put into a bondage by the same people who claim to give them salvation; having seen people who preach peace become murderers; having experienced betrayal by the same people whom you have entrusted your life with; having experienced storm in the midst of peace and coming out in a broken pieces; having lived in absolute poverty in the midst of abundant wealth; having experienced injustices done by the same justice department; and having been rejected by the same people you are fighting their cause; seems to be
Anaks and Giants on the way to a mission!

Many of us has been called and chosen for different purposes in life. We are different species not made for competitions with other species, but to complement another. We are different automobile makes with different speedometers and different engines. Some carry heavier loads than others; while others travel faster; and some go a longer distance without problems developing on them.

We are like Aircrafts where some fly domestic, some regional, some international and some overseas; but not all can fly over the Atlantic or the Pacific. Hence individuals are called and chosen for bigger and smaller assignments on this universe and for a purpose; and when you have been chosen, you have to roll up your sleeve, because you are going to fight before you reach your destiny.

Some of us are chosen and called in the midst of storms and tempest. Storms are natural part of life! Sometimes you have to go through the storm, you have to deal with it; you have no option but to go through it!

Sometimes the unexpected will hit you in life! Sometimes the things you are counting on may break down, but you don’t have to break down yourself.
For every purpose you are chosen for, you become a victim of that purpose!

We have been chosen for the purpose of educating the people all over the world of their unalienable rights, and will stand for the people until their rights are secured, whether there are giants on the way or not!

We are all leaders and heads of our schools, clans, villages, communities, societies and nations; hence we are chosen and sent to accomplish a mission for our generation!

We are not like the spies who were chosen and sent, but they only saw the giants based on the grasshopper mentality working in them! The problem with the grasshopper is its inferiority complex! It develops a habit of blending in and fitting into environments, rather than being special on its own. It develops the habit of getting so close to eating the fruit; but each time ending up eating only the leaves and will never eat the fruit. It develops an ability and strength in jumping away from its confrontations, rather than fighting it!

It will be fatal for us to overlook our mission of gathering every year; to get new encouragements, new ideas, new concepts, new insights, new revelations, new innovations, and new attitudes on how to deal with the old enemy: the abuse, the injustice, the bondage, the discrimination, the racism, the xenophobia, the hate, the intolerance, the war and the genocide destroying our societies!

Our fathers have fought for our rights; they have run their race; they have accomplished their mission; some fallen heroes and some living legends; now it’s our turn to bear the light!

We cannot wallow in despair because we are not grasshoppers, and we are not afraid of the Anaks and the Giants in the land; but we have been chosen to overcome all the obstacles and save mankind through the fight for human rights education!

We cannot walk alone and we cannot turn back from our dream! I dare all the youths to rise to the occasion; I dare all the religious leaders to rise to the occasion; I dare all personalities in this forum to rise to the occasion of educating and fighting for the fundamental human rights of the society where you find yourself!

If we do what we are chosen to do, our generations shall have the cause to say, “Human Right is SALVATION”!

About Us
The Impact Africa Network (Impact Africa Educational Foundation) is a non-profit, non-racial, and non-gender global organization, whose mission is to empower the African devastated communities and the less privileged through Human Rights Education, information, seminars, sending of Relief Materials to disaster areas and Community development. By the word less privilege we mean; the vulnerable, the abused, the destitute, the poor, the less advantage, the less opportune, the ignorant, the un-informed, the miss-informed and the less advanced.

In acronym, the word IMPACT means: I= Inform; M= Moral Regeneration; P= Patriotism; A= Alliance; C= Community; T= Tolerance.

Founded in March 2006 in South Africa, the Impact Africa Network has held successful Human Rights and Peace Resolution Summits and Conferences in Abuja-Nigeria in October 2009, in Uromi-Edo State, Nigeria in November 2011 and in Owerri-Imo State, Nigeria in April 2012 which attracted lots of Newspaper Publications and Live Radio Interactive Sessions with the Hot 99.5 FM Radio Owerri and the Orient 99 FM Radio/Orient Television Owerri, and the NTA Channel 12 Owerri; in Johannesburg-South Africa, in 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011; and have participated in various international programs that have favoured African Communities like initiating provision of clean water to the needy through the Water for Life Global SOS Mobile Water Purifier and the Personal or Pocket Water Purifier in Hanover Park, Chicago USA in August 2008 and in Washington DC USA in May 2009 during the “African Display” of this project.

In many of these summits, conferences and workshops, we have provided a certificate of participation to participants, and have developed some contests for the University and College students and presented gifts and awards to winners of these contests. We have also given many awards to individuals, groups, and some royal dynasties for their roles in making peace and encouraging human rights in their society and communities; some to act as a catalyst in promoting and protecting human rights and peace in our societies.

We have been involved in sending relief materials to the needy in Burundi through the affiliating churches in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi in September 2007 during our “Lift Me Up Mission To Burundi”. The Nigerian Diplomatic Corps and the Burundian Presidency received and applauded us for this effort.

Our Human Rights efforts have seen us participate in International Human Rights Summits and Education both at the Geneva-Switzerland, USA and Brussels-Belgium, hence giving African Sons and Daughters opportunities to learn and come out of inferiority complex in association with the Youth for Human Rights International and some other organizations.

We have educated some of the African Law Makers on Peace Resolutions and Human Rights Education in the City of Plymouth- England in April 2010 through our initiated “Empower Africa Conferences” in association with the World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media (WAALM). The Mayor of Plymouth Hon. Lord Mayor Ken Foster was at the occasion. Some of the African Parliamentarians received “Together We Can Award” during that conference. The Herald, Saturday April 10, 2010, Plymouth City, England carried the publication.

Impact Africa Network works in association with some non-profit organizations which help to make our vision and mission to Africa a success.

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